Hi Everyone 

This afternoon the Government announced an extension to the Alert Level-4 restrictions that are currently in place across the country, New Zealand will remain at Alert Level-4 until 11.59pm Friday 27th August, with Auckland remaining at Alert Level-4 until 11.59pm Tues 31st August 2021. WFF will continue to operate with the below prevention measures, until restrictions are eased in Auckland:

  • All face-to-face meetings are to be cancelled and video or phone conferencing is to be used.
  • There are to be no visitors on site until further notice.
  • No customer pickups or drop offs are to take place.
    • This relates to private vehicles being used. Contracted or company owned delivery vehicles can still operate on our sites.
  • Cash sales can take place; however, they cannot be dropped off, we must pick up.
  • Contractors are allowed on site for critical requirements and must be approved by Mike Appleton before visiting site.
  • Drivers are still allowed to access site.
  • Gates will be closed and locked, if drivers need access, they are to call the supervisor phone (0274488350) to request entry, this phone is in use between 8am to 8pm
  • Any Driver or contractor that comes on site must:
    • Scan in with the COVID Tracer App that is located despatch window.
    • Sanitise their hands at the despatch window.
    • Wear a mask at all times on site.
    • Follow the direction given from the WFF team  
  • All WFF staff, contractors and drivers must maintain 2m social distancing.
  • Drivers will move back to a contactless delivery service.
    • Name of receiver and time of delivery will be captured on the POD
    • Temp issues or short stock or damages will be captured on the POD.
  • Internally we will be increasing our cleaning and sanitising processes.
  • Our customer services team will be separated, and will be working from home where possible. Please expect a slight delay as we operate remotely. 
  • Please expect up to a days delay in order picking as we adapt to the changes in social distancing, and increased cleaning as well as separation of staff and increased volumes.
  • Our 3rd Party Carriers are still operating with restrictions and changes to service levels, in particular to note is that out of Auckland deliveries will be managed on an owners risk liability basis, except where goods are damaged/temp abused (in which case LCR will apply). We will manage the requirements and restrictions that they have to help keep freight moving.

In terms of our delivery service, there is currently no change to our service offering, we are still delivering into all your normal locations that are operating in Alert Level 4. If you have changes in your volume or delivery locations, please get in contact with the Customer Services team (operations@wff.co.nz) to find a solution.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in contact with the Customer Services Team. 


Mike Appleton 

General Manager