Hi Everyone

As we are about to exit this lock down and with Christmas only 3.5 weeks away, we thought it would be timely to provide an update of how WFF has been managing operational activity and things to remember over the next few weeks.

  • Currently all our teams are split into bubbles, separating Transport, Warehouse and Customer Services. With Customer Services working offsite where applicable.
  • From the 3rd of December we will be changing a few of our prevention measures to operate under the new traffic light framework.
  • Our picking activities are currently operating as per expectation, however, as with previous announcements we would recommend allowing an extra day into your planning as we deal with unexpected activities, e.g., additional testing requirements of team members who have been casual contacts, additional unexpected volumes, seasonal volumes, additional cleaning and covid related practices, changes in the team’s childcare options resulting in absences.
    • If you have above average picking volumes over the next 2 months, please get in contact with Eden or myself to make a plan to ensure we can manage your volumes
  • Our warehouse capacity has been strained over the last month, we have been running at or very near maximum capacity within our freezers and chillers. This is due to volume increases because of the most recent lockdown, international shipping issues, and seasonal volumes. Eden and his team have done a fantastic job in the warehouse to shuffle and create room, while get inwards orders unloaded while maintaining the cold chain. Please expect a delay of a day with receipting as we manage these unexpected volumes. (24-hour turnaround for LCL, 20-foot containers and palletised deliveries; and 48 hours for 40-foot containers).
    •  Currently we are not accepting any new customers into the warehouse to ensure that the space that we have is allocated and used on our existing customer base
    • To help us plan, we would appreciate forecasts on inward volume, particular any out of the ordinary volumes for the next 2 months in order to help us plan resource.
  • Chilled and Frozen freight services are currently running within expected delivery timeframes. Semesa and the Transport team are hitting their targets with their planning and ensuring your Auckland freight is delivered next day. The team are being very dynamic with their daily approach to ensure we meet customer needs. We are expecting volumes to increase over the next month with seasonal volumes so have planned accordingly to cope with extra volume.
    • Please remember there are still pick up and drop off restrictions at our warehouses.
  •  Domestic ambient freight networks have been under immense pressures since the start of this lockdown. Our ambient courier and freight partners have been no exception to the delays that are currently affecting the supply chain. With the easing of restrictions over the next month, we are hoping to see the delays reduce. Currently, the below are the timeframes that we have been provided by our partners
    • North Island:  2-3 days pending volumes
    • South Island to Christchurch: up to 5 days
    • South Island below Christchurch to Invercargill: 5 - 6 days.
  • Lastly, a quick shout out to our CS Team, who are doing an amazing job to manage enquiries and questions around delays and process changes through the lockdown. If you have any queries or issues, please get in contact with them. We are always endeavoring to perform as best as we can, if you have any feedback on performance improvements please reach out to our team.