WFF COVID-19 Prevention Measures for COVID-19 Prevention Framework (traffic lights) 

We have put in rules that we believe will keep our team and our customers safe while we navigate COVID and the latest framework we need to operate in. Some of our delivery points have informed us that they require proof of vaccination to go on site, we have worked with our driving team to ensure that they can comply and we can continue to operate for our customers.

These rules will come into effect from 5am 03.12.2021

  • Drivers
    • All of our drivers are vaccinated – they will be more than happy to provide a vaccination pass for scanning or viewing when entering sites for deliveries.
    • They will continue to wear masks and maintain social distancing
    • As a matter of privacy we can not disclose any information around the dates or any other personal information around their vaccination. Viewing or signing their vaccination pass should be sufficient to comply with health orders or any rules in the traffic light framework.
    • We will continue to operate a contactless delivery service under Red Light settings, we will confirm any changes in other traffic lights in the future.
  • On site @ WFF
    • Visitors will be allowed onsite in the Orange and Green traffic light settings. Under Red we will not be having visitors on site except for approved contractors and drivers.
    • All visitors that come on site will need to show their vaccination passport to a senior leader (Warehouse Manager, Despatch Manager, Customer Services Manager or General Manager) at the reception window, signing in is compulsory as well. If you do not have a vaccination passport then we will ask you to to not come on site and get in contact with our team to plan. If you do come on site without a vaccination pass you will be asked to leave site immediately. We would ask you to accept our rules that we are putting in place to keep our team safe, anyone who chooses not to follow the rules or puts our team at risk in anyway will not be welcome on site.
      • Drop offs and pick ups will only be allowed for vaccinated people in order to comply with this rule in Orange and Green settings.
      • Any visitor who wants to meet with WFF staff and isn’t able to provide a vaccination passport will need to meet via a video call.
      • Don’t be offended if we ask you each time you come on site, we are not recording your vaccination status, again a privacy issue.
    • All Staff and visitors will continue to wear masks and maintain social distancing.
    • Additional cleaning and hand washing will be maintained.

If you have any questions feel free to get in contact with our Customer Service Team. 


Mike Appleton