Originally Wholesale Frozen Foods, WFF Logistics was established in the late 1980’s as an authorised distributor for a poultry company. Over the years the company has transformed into a privately owned third party logistics provider, with the team, warehousing and equipment to transport for both large and small customers.

Based in Takanini, we are conveniently located adjacent to the main arterial route in and out of Auckland from the South.

We provide fully comprehensive integrated logistics, container devanning, storage, picking and inventory management. Our complex includes ambient/chilled and frozen storage (including picking chillers and freezers), dry goods warehousing and offices. 

Our size and agility has meant that WFF Logistics has been able to evolve and adapt to meet our clients' needs, particularly in a rapidly changing and fast moving environment.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide tailored solutions that deliver value adding, customer focused components to your supply chain. 

Backing this mission are the fundamental attitudes we want our team to exhibit:

  • Deliver the right product, to the right place, at the right time, at the right temperature; with the right behaviours and right values.
  • People who care and strive to be the best and do the right thing.
  • Systems, equipment, people and management that are optimised to do well.
  • Be customer centric – think about the outcomes the customer wants to achieve and go above and beyond that expectation. We don’t say “no” to our customers.
  • Know what “good” is and deliver “better.
Warehouse Hallway with Boxes and Machines

The Team That Drives WFF Logistics

With Directors and principal shareholders - Lachie Johnstone and Derek Stretton - at the helm, WFF Logistics is backed by a hugely valued team covering customer service, freight and third party logistics. With a raft of expertise and industry knowledge at hand, we look forward to being able to help look after your business to further benefit your customers.

Lachie Johnstone

Lachie Johnstone - Director

Lachie has owned WFF Logistics since 2004. He graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Auckland and worked as an accountant before taking on a variety of different commercial and governance roles within the logistics, agriculture and education industries.

Alongside his work with WFF Logistics, Lachie is also the Chairman of Centreport Ltd, the Port owner / operator  in Wellington, and has just completed 16 years as Chairman of Farmlands, New Zealand’s largest rural retailer. He is also an Independent Director of Jenkins Group Ltd, a provider of printing, labelling, packaging and automation solutions to the horticultural industry, and independent Chair of the Waitonui Milltrust Agricultural Holdings LP, a large scale dairy farming business.

Lachie’s focus at WFF Logistics is to provide governance to the business, as well as supporting and guiding investment and financial decisions.

Mike Appleton

Mike Appleton - General Manager

After graduating from University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Commerce, Mike has spent his career working in a range of logistics related operations which now enables him to best service WFF Logistics valued customers.

Gaining valuable experience managing multi-warehouse 3PL operations, as well as food, apparel and automotive operations Mike then moved into consulting, which included running his own consulting business. With the skills and knowledge available to provide customers with a value orientated approach to improving logistics operations, Mike enabled businesses to reach deep into their organisations using a ground up approach to improve systems (ERP, Financial, TMS and WMS), physical processes and flows, warehouse setups, as well as people management and improvements.

Joining forces with WFF Logistics in 2018, Mike was originally called on board as a consultant to help find solutions and make improvements within the business. It was a comfortable fit as he moved into a full-time role as Operations Manager in December 2018 before stepping up as General Manager in November 2019, backed by industry experience, enthusiasm and drive to keep growing and extending WFF Logistics and our team.

Eden Vave

Warehouse Manager

Eden spent time in Tonga and New Zealand during his youth, giving him valuable perspectives on different ways of life. His work career has included working in a kiwifruit packhouse, a baking apprenticeship, and warehousing work within a produce operation. Since joining WFF, he has progressed from working within the warehouse, to managing cross dock movements on site, supervising the team, to his role as Warehouse Manager.

Eden has developed a strong team environment within the warehouse and uses his practical experience to help foster an environment built on quality, responsibility and improvement.

Outside of work Eden enjoys spending time with his 4 children, as well as helping guide members of his church’s youth group, where he is a team leader.

Kelly Jackson

Customer Services Manager

Kelly has a wide range of experience within the Administration, Accounts and Customer Service aspects of our business. Kelly started working within administration and AP roles before starting her journey within the freight and logistics industry. With over 18 years’ experience in Customer Services, Fleet Management tools, Accounts and Payroll within temperature controlled logistics operations.

 Kelly brings a customer centric approach to managing the Customer Services Team, ensuring that we are delivering on expectations and providing value. She instils in her team the need to be the advocate for the customer within the operations to help drive excellent results.

Outside of WFF, Kelly enjoys keeping active, travelling, and spending time with her family.

Semesa Delailomaloma


After a 6-year sales background in Fiji with Nestle, Semesa moved to New Zealand in 2000, originally working as a courier. He spent 10 years managing 4 trucks as an owner / driver for AF logistics, before joining WFF Logistics.

The first 6 years were spent as a driver for WFF, covering a wide range of delivery runs and responsibilities before moving into the despatch role.

Semesa brings organisation, drive, and standards to our transport team, while doing so with a fun and inclusive manner. Having worked directly in our operations, he understands what is required from our team to deliver quality, value adding solutions to our customers.

Semesa loves watching sport and is very family oriented, enjoying spending time with his wife, four children and his grandchildren.